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The Vision of Top of the Rock

Admiring and Caring for the Natural Landscape

Located on a bluff overlooking the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake, Top of the Rock preserves Missouri’s history and natural beauty. Top of the Rock features the world-class Top of the Rock Golf Course, Top of the Rock Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail, and the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum. This one-of-a-kind attraction also features the End of the Trail All-American Wine Cellar, three restaurants, a Golf Pro Shop, the picturesque Chapel of the Ozarks and a Civil War-era cabin.

As a young man, Johnny Morris, founder of Big Cedar Lodge and Bass Pro Shops, spent time spelunking in a vast cave and hunting for mushrooms on the land that is now home to Top of the Rock. Years later, as part of his goal to sustain and share the Ozarks history, he acquired the land and worked with a team of craftsmen to unearth Top of the Rock using the natural landscape as a guide.

Bass Pro Shops believes that caring for the land and water breeds a fierce desire to sustain it, and that has guided Johnny to create the once-in-a-lifetime experience that exists at Top of the Rock today.

The Secrets of Top of the Rock

Johnny Morris’ Top of the Rock Ozarks Heritage Preserve is a national treasure in America’s heartland. Not only is it home to one-of-a-kind attractions, but it is filled with unusual elements that make it a destination unlike any you’ve visited before. Watch this video to see some of the Top of the Rock secrets revealed.