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Activities  Grotto Pool & Ice Room

Cedar Creek Spa grotto pool at Big Cedar Lodge

Grotto Pool & Ice Room

Our indoor grotto pool, featuring underwater lounges, full-body massage jets and secluded coves, is an experience in and of itself and softly illuminated with candles lining the rustic stone walls. Experience the contrast of hot and cold therapy by combining the soothing heat of the pool with the refreshing cold of our ice room. Complete your day with views of sparkling Table Rock Lake that serves as the dramatic backdrop for our saunas, hot spas and steam rooms leading out to private, open-air showers.

  • Must be booked for a massage or facials to use the grotto pool & ice room. Not available to salon guests.
  • Age 18 or over
  • Swimsuits are required
  • All spa amenities close by 6:00 PM