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Activities  The Grinch’s Ugly Sweater Party

The Grinch Singing

The Grinch’s Ugly Sweater Party

Big Cedar Lodge

He’s a mean one, but you’re sure to have fun while Mr. Grinch hosts the most BAH-HUMBUG ugly sweater party on this side of Whoville! We will make green pancakes, green hot chocolate, grouchy crafts and play the most miserable Grinch games possible! So kids grab your most hideous sweater and you just might be the champion of the Grinch’s ugly sweater competition! This is one party you won’t want to miss! A meal, cozy critter and water bottle is included.

  • Date: Mondays in November and December
  • Time: 9AM – 12PM
  • Location: Kids Discovery Center at Fun Mountain
  • $90 per child
  • Kids-only event, ages 4-12 welcome