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Activities  Cathedral of Nature

Cathedral of Nature at Top of the Rock at Big Cedar

Cathedral of Nature

After a sinkhole opened at Top of the Rock Ozark Heritage Preserve in May of 2015, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris dove deep into a national treasure hunt and what he found was nothing short of a hidden gem.

Referred to as the Cathedral of Nature™ today, excavation crews have removed more than 1.6 million yards of earth and 108,000 loads of dirt and rock, in the hopes of discovering a passageway to connect the system and reveal a new wonder. Size highlights include:

  • Surface Width: Originally 70 feet wide, now 350 feet wide.
  • Surface Length: Originally 100 feet long, now 600 feet long.
  • Depth: Originally 40 feet deep, now 200 feet deep.

Crews will continue to work in search of a new connection, though Morris is pleased with the amazing findings already revealed.